Saturday, March 9, 2013

Unrequited Love

It's just occurred to me that my relationship with my daughter is like an unrequited love affair.

October 2010

Just look at all those pictures.

She could probably have me arrested for harrassment.

I love this person.  I just want to make her happy.

I have given up my free time, my mommy-baby hours at the zoo or at the beach or park with Ian, just in order to spend more time with her.  Teaching her subjects like algebra and geometry that I wasn't all that interested in the first time around. 

Trying to share my passion for learning.  And writing.

Oh heck, just trying to get her to show a passion for ANYTHING.

And maybe, just maybe, not flinch when I touch her.

Now, more than ever, I am convinced that she and I were made for eachother, that she and I were meant to be.

She chose me to be her mother because I am stubborn enough to fight for her.

Like an unrequited suitor, I live for the smallest sign that she took notice I was there.

That she knows how much I love her and how much more I would do for her.

I would do anything for this love of mine.

Which is why I let her be.  No kiss good-night.  Not even the promise of one.

I live for the day she loves herself enough to love another.

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