Friday, March 22, 2013


Sometimes it's enough just to make it there.  Without cursing or yelling or beating your child.

I was shaking when we arrived, Ryan and Ian and I, at the soy candle making session Thursday at noon. 

January 2013 Resolutions

This wasn't so much because I was angry as because I had had nothing to eat all day but plenty of caffeine.  And lots of allergy medication.  Sooner or later running on nothing but illness and antihistamines is going to take its toll.

You're running on nothing and then you hit your trigger.  This is a word people on the spectrum use to describe what sets up their meltdowns.

Mine is definitely the internet. 

Zen Garden at Dreamworld

This is so unfortunate.

If I wasn't ASD before social media and instant email information, I am now.

Too much to take in and take care of in too little time.



That's the other trigger.

The anxiety increased after I had the twins and I didn't have time.  And we didn't have much money.  And every decision and every moment counted.  Ten lost minutes were ten whole lost minutes.

Not accomplishing something in a given period of time.  Not having time. 

Losing time I could be sleeping to slow internet connection.

Because my daughter used up this month's download allowance on My Pretty Pony movies when she told me she was looking things up on her tablet.

On the brink...

Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Remember the soy candles.  The ones your duaghter made for you.

Pink and scented in harmony.

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