Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Friends Are For! Ode to Catherine

I love that my friends have a much better opinion of me than I deserve.

Take this text from Catherine last night (which came with a photo of the finished products):

"I got cheap small Easter eggs.  Put them into water balloons.  Blew up ballons slightly and tied off.  Then dipped yarn into 50/50 PVA glue and water and wrapped them around the balloons.  When they are dry, pop balloons and eggs are trapped inside.  (With the coloured string around them.)  Hang up on Easter day. "

This is the type of person I am friends with.  Such a tough act to keep up with!  I would like to say that Catherine was showing off - after all, she deserves to! - but the punchline came before the instructions.

"I thought this might be something you would like to try with your children!"

I also love having friends with comedic value!  (And Catherine even KNOWS my children!)

Oh, Catherine.  At one time I thought this would be the sort of thing I'd like to try with my children too!  But that was before I had five of them.

I had Ryan banging on pots and pans and sorting dried peas and beans with plastic measuring spoons.  I made playdough.  That stopped with the twins.  Too much time spent chasing beans and peas around the living room.  Not enough time to make playdough while they were destroying the rest of the house!

You'd lost me at : dipped yarn into 50/50 PVA glue.  Just way too much effort!

I'm pretty happy I got the Easter box out of the shed.  It's been sitting in the front room for about two weeks now.  Unopened.

Please keep sending those ideas though. 

I like pretending that I AM the kind of mom who still does those things.

And I really DO like that idea of having the kids do dishes in the plastic pool out back.

I've even bought finger paints again recently.

What say I bring them over to your place over the holidays?!