Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Memories

I'm on!  New computer installed LAST NIGHT! 

I do also, however, have a campout to prepare for four girls, aged 12 to 15, in our backyard, in honor of Ryan's birthday.  Seems the German taboo against having a party BEFORE the actual date doesn't stick in a country with a higher birthrate.  Honestly, mates, you do it when you CAN!

And a cake to bake.  And the computer telling me it has to do some initial scan before I use it.

Great.  It's telling me what to do already. the interests of my sanity...really, I go nuts when I don't are two links to Christmases past. 

For the Aussies who want to know what Christmas is like in a cold Northern winter.  (Highly overrated in my opinion, although I'll be the first to admit that Germany does Christmas well!)

And for Babette, who liked my spoof on the American Christmas card enough to print it out for her mother two years ago.  My highest honor as a writer so far, Babette.  No matter what I publish in the future I will never forget that moment in your living room with you and Lori, when you whipped out a copy of something I had written from amidst your stack of reading.  Best gift ever.

I owe Babette and Lori a newer version of an Aussie Christmas card.

And Anita and Liesl and Lynn-Ann an impression of my first REAL Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Merry Christmas folks, be it German, American, Aussie or other.