Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sudden Dawning

"Let's rent the last 'Twilight' movie over the Easter weekend, " I tell Ryan.

"Breaking Dawn: Part Two," she sighs.

Yes, Sheldon.

We watched it twice yesterday, once while the boys were at the park and once after we'd screened it for the gory parts.  You know, the kissing and nudity.  EWWWW!

They hid their eyes during the love scene. 

"Tell me when it's over.  Tell me when it's over."

But the tearing off of heads was pretty cool.

"Have you kids spotted a theme? " I asked the older two.  Homeschooling mothers really suck sometimes.

Family.  Fighting for your family.  Standing up for what is right.

And it hits me - after four movies this is the first I have seen since the possible Aspergers diagnosis - that the Cullens are about being different and about the fear and prejudice that comes with being different.  That the Cullens are, in fact, special needs to the nth degree.

Bella only discovers her true Self once she becomes a vampire.

She only truly feels her own Self worth once she sees her differences as strengths.

On the other hand, I might just be making up excuses for watching to see if Taylor Lautner takes his shirt off again.

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