Monday, March 11, 2013

Friends Who....

Old friends from Germany who:

1.  Let me come over to visit with less-than-one-year old twins while she was was total bed rest with her own pregnancy.

2.  Signed me up for the writers' group.

3.  Came over the morning we were leaving Germany to help me lug bags down the stairs into the driveway.  In the rain.  (Not jsut one, not just two, but three friends!)

4.  Made me (and my family) soup the night before we left.  Secret ingredient: love. 

5.  Came over and drank warm beer and wine while sitting on the floor because we had sold all our furniture.

6.  Drove around Tuebingen all night - and I mean AROUND Tuebingen - because we couldn't find the road IN!  In her husband's nice car!

7.  Fed me and Damon beer over the weekend after we learned Friday I was carrying a dead baby but the operation wasn't scheduled until Monday.

8.  Listened to me rant about the other ladies in our town over tea and broetchen at our house, even though she was German too.  She knew it wasn't about nationalities, but about trying to understand small town cliques.

9.  Yoga sessions at her house, and a yoga book in English, so I could understand it better than her native German.

10.  Sent me flowers after a miscarriage even though she was going through chemotherapy for breast cancer.

11.  Came to visit me in the psychiatric hopsital.  (Off hours: I snuck out and we walked around the gardens unnoticed!!)

12.  Came to take walks with me in the fields behind our house when I said I was too depressed to see anyone.

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