Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lucky Days?

What are the chances?

We're finally battling the rental company about our pool.  They've offered to give us some money back on our rent for having to deal with faulty equipment all season, but it might be time to move.

The oven went last week.

This week it was the aircon on the living room.

December blow-out.  On our way to White Water World.

We haven't had aircon in the car for a month.

And on Sunday, we had the second of two tire blow-outs since December. 

I actually consider myself quite lucky with the tires.  Neither actually blew, the inner tubing just separated from the outer tire in the heat, causing a bubble to form that would have blown if the driver hadn't noticed the car shaking. 

So handy it always happens when Dad is around!

Both times Damon was driving.

Both times were on the highway, the first time going quite fast in holiday traffic. 

Whinging about a faulty pool is like whinging about your kid being underchallenged at school.

Although we did move schools for that one.

This time we stopped at a general store and got slushies while we waited!!
Ah heck, Ryan is looking for horse properties as I type.

Although she might consider waiting for that horse until our run of luck changes!!!

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