Tuesday, March 26, 2013

If the Accent Fits!


I feel so at home here, I forget I don't sound like everybody else.

So that when people ask me where I'm from, I tell them I'm from north of Brisbane.

They wait. 

Oh.  And the USA.  And Germany.  And do you REALLY want to get into this?  Because we love it here and, if you want to hear about my travels, I'll gladly go into it, but there's no need.  This place beats all of them.

The younger kids tell me I sound like a cowboy.  Because I still say 'buddy' instead of 'mate' sometimes and because I sometimes ask 'How are ya, buddy?' instead of  "How ya going, mate?'

Really, I thought these people were straight out of a movie when I first got here.  (Kinda like when I was on a train in Boston and it finally hit me that these people weren't mimicking 'Norm' on 'Cheers' but really spoke that way!)

Movie Star

The teenagers think I sound like a movie star.

Both of which I'll take over tired, frumpy, worn-out mom - or mum - anyday!

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