Thursday, March 7, 2013

On A Lighter Note!!! (20 Minutes)

Uh yeah....why I wanted to write in twenty minute snippets daily.  Because otherwise I go off on wild tangents about religion and self discovery and Darwin.  Especially if I write them all on Saturday and then just post-date them.

Sorry about that.

December 2012, PreChrissy pj trip to see the decorations

Good news is I ran out of postdated posts, it is Thursday night at 9PM, we have had a busy day of doctor's appointment, homeschooling, playdate and bellydance class and I am really way too tired to think about the fate of the universe.

All I want to do is go downstairs and watch Deep Space Nine reruns with Damon.

It's what passes for date night right now, along with Elementary on Sunday nights (for Damon) and Supernatural on Monday nights (for me).  Who says we aren't getting any quality alone time together without the kids?!

January 1, 2013 at Dreamworld

I am thinking of posting some pictures of the kids when I go in to kiss Andrew good-night.  Bugger is still awake reading in the dark. 

He shows me some cartoons he drew of Dad shooting a kid out of a cannon.  ( I don't know Nicole, but I still like to think this is all perfectly normal!!!)

What happens when you give the boys your camera.  Christmas 2012

"Did you guys have a good night?"  I ask.

"Oh yeah," he says.  "We watched music videos of Meatloaf, AC/DC, Queen and The Wiggles."

It's obvious they let Ian choose.  It's his line-up.

Who wants sushi?  Andrew's ordering!  Camping at Boreen Point, January 2013

Freddie Mercury was his top idol until two weeks ago when we introduced him to Captain Feathersword.

Ever since I can remember all I had to do was play "We Will Rock You" and he would stop crying and start bopping his head. 

Now he hears it and starts "quacking."

He can do a mean "cock-a-doodle-doo" though.

One cool dude with his Christmas present

I don't know what all this says about the fate of the universe but I hope Freddie Mercury, wherever he is, is impressed.

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