Friday, March 1, 2013

March Snippets

I've missed me.  And then I haven't caught up with myself in so long I ramble on incoherently for pages and pages.

All the while trying to teach Ryan about communication and getting your point across.


Perhaps even in complete sentences!

The boys - and I - are doing well at our new school.  The homeschooling is going great.  Huge strides in the personal growth arena.  Working out regularly.  Doing yoga.  Spiritual growth too. 

And I am writing.  The heroine of my book is now 16.  She has to be.  The dialogue is writing itself and so is the story. 

My blog is going unposted because it is either unfinished snippets of half-formed ideas or else long rambling posts of pages and pages of fully-baked thoughts. 

You - and I - deserve better.

I can do better.

And so March is snippet month.  Daily writing but not a (completely) unedited vomitting of ALL of  my random thoughts onto paper.  I can vomit into my personal notebook.  Clean it up and present some coherent thoughts to my reader.  Succinctly.

And maybe, just maybe, by the end of the month, I will be writing in full sentences again!!!

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