Sunday, March 3, 2013

List of Whinges for March Blog

Some of the things I have been wanting to write about include:

1. Homeschooling Ryan - how it is going, what we are doing, why it is working for us better than traditional schooling

2. Failures of traditional schooling and ideas on how to improve it.  Why traditional schooling won't work for everyone.    (Why it works for my boys but only based on freedom to choose it, to choose school and have input into quality of it.)  How traditional schooling is a new invention, one that assumes equality of educational opportunity leads to equality in general,  why this isn't true and why it has never been true.

3.  Aspergers in general and Ryan in particular.  Thoughts on considering her as special needs versus considering her as different but very very lucky.

4.  Personal growth - realising that different people have different expectations and that this is okay.  Immaturity of wanting the best for everyone.  Letting others live their own lives.  (Big part of why traditional education is based on false premise - that we all want and value the same things and have similar desires and expectations.)

5.  Spiritual growth aka Eumundi and Ken Dowling's book.  Letting go - giving up control - not worrying about others but staying true to your-self -
Connection to Tao, to Eastern religions.  Ghandi on leadership.  Darwin on the unity of all things.  Jesus on love.

6.  Crazy Queenslanders.  Why I love that t-shirt:  Warning!  Australian.  Why I think one should be made for every Queenslander.  Why we - those of us not native to Queensland, including other Australians - don't get you.  But why we love you and love being here even as we struggle to understand you.

7.  Tall Poppy Syndrome versus Hoarse Poo.

8.  How this whinging about Queensland circles back to the Tao and right living.  And how you, mates, might be absolutely nuts but absolutely correct at the same time!

9.  How I love it here, how I needed to have the difficult experiences of the last year to find my-Self, how this is where I was meant to be, how it helps me in the next stage of my personal and spiritual growth,  LETTING GO.  Let it be aka Beatles.  Surrender.

Knowing when to stop!!!

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