Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pardon Our Manners

I think we're going to have to stop going to English group. The Brits are starting to get a little intimidating.

When Sarah told me she was going to go over manners with the 3 -5 year olds, I figured I'd be able to keep up. I even sang a Barney song on "Please" and "Thank-You" to show off.

Then she sat the kids around the table and asked who eats with their fingers. Well, honestly, how else are you SUPPOSED to eat french fries and chicken nuggets?! Pizza too. And hamburgers. Tacos. The list goes on. I finally came up with the answer I thought she was waiting for. "Americans!" I proudly exclaimed. "Babies." Sarah's four year old daughter, Mia, corrected me. Oh. Trick question I guess.

Next Sarah threw a knife and fork on the table. I breathed a sigh of relief. I know what both of those are. "Now, do you just throw the utensils on the table like th├Ąt?" Sarah asked. Thank God she was asking the kids. And thank God the twins weren't talking much. Because that is EXACTLY how I throw the utensils on the table.

I thought I knew what a napkin was too. Except that Brits and South Africans call them serviettes. I knew enough to keep my mouth shut. But I looked it up in the dictionary later.

But Sarah overheard me asking Sue about napkins and serviettes. Appears one is paper and the other cloth.

Cloth? Oh dread. Now I'm going to have to pretend I know about ironing too.

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