Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pardon Our English Part Five: Savoury Snacks?

The concept of savory snacks came up in English Group the other week. It may have been savoury snacks, if that's how the Brits spell it.

In any case, I had no idea what they were. My British and South African friends were sympathetic. After all, I am only an American. "What do they call them where you come from," they asked, imagining me and my family circling the wagons against Indian attacks, I suppose.

So I looked to Cindy for support. What DO we call them in America? "Savory snacks." she replied quietly. Maybe the difference is in the spelling.

Not buying it. And so I emailed some friends from school. Appears those of us in NEW England are pretentious enough to serve "hor d-ouerves", if not smart enough to know how to spell them.

And the German kindergarten hit me with another one the other day when they asked us to bring in "finger foods" for a buffet. Now THAT's English I can relate to.

We use French, the Germans use English. Honestly, let's all just order out for pizza and save ourselves the hassle!

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