Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I'm not really complaining, more bragging really.

Because, see, I have a new problem, that's not really a problem, since I've already admitted that I'm bragging.

I came home from English group on Wednesday to find the kitchen table completely covered in cardboard boxes. Painted. To resemble barns.

Next I went to my desk. Only to find it covered in research material. On horses. Smack in the middle - on top of my latest work - was the beginning of Ryan's book.

I couldn't get on the Internet until after she went to bed because Ryan was busy printing out pictures for her book.

She's been asking me to proofread her writing. So I guess that makes me her editor.

And while I'm at it. Andrew isn't sleeping at night. Because he wants to get through his book series before summer.

Matthew is writing his name. Aidan is taking down lunch orders for his restaurant.

And yeah, I'm a LITTLE less worried about the home schooling.

Turns out Australia is WAY AHEAD of Germany in math anyway.

That means I get to cover decimals and fractions on my own with them.

It just seems so much easier without the obstacle of sending them to school every morning!

And, worst (best?) case scenario, they can all serve burgers at Aidan's restaurant!

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  1. I'd give my, well, left arm to teach someone math!