Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Twin Birthday

It really was double the fun.

I'd been so worried that the boys would start asking for their OWN birthdays. Something just for ME, Mom, something I don't have to share.

But, you know what, they LOVED it. It was THEIR day, their weekend into Tuesday really, and they LOVED being the center of attention TOGETHER.

It never even occurred to them to NOT to want to share their special day.

They looked for eachother before opening two of their gifts before Andrew's baseball game on Sunday. And then passed out the cookies to the team together.

When the cakes came out later in the afternoon - and yes, we had two - they turned to eachother beaming at their luck.

How great is this, to be able to share your special day with the brother you love?!

Each made sure the other had a present to open too, before tearing into his. (And yes, this year anyway, they got the same things.)

And shared in the glory at kindergarten on Monday as well.

We had two cakes at the party Tuesday too. Although I don't think they needed it. And they did get some presents to share - on my request. And were okay with it.

I'm learning - slowly - to stop making such a big fuss over this stuff.

So what, they're twins.

Less one-on-one time with Mom. But you know what, two of their best friends have asked their mothers for siblings so that they can be like Aidan and Matthew!

Takes a four year old to point out the obvious.

What these guys have is special.

Happy Birthday Little Men!


  1. I'm sure you're doing a fine job raising twins. Just take it a day at a time and let them teach kids have taught me more than I will
    EVER be able to teach them.

  2. Way more. The more I tried to be the perfect suburban mom (Yeah - me - try to imagine THAT!), the more my kids showed me I don't HAVE to be. Especially Ryan. They think she might be dyslexic. Or SOMETHING. And having a child that does not fit the mold, and refuses to try....has taught me way more about who I am and who I want to be...she is my hero!!! I'll call you really soon - is any time better for you than another? Mornings? Evenings? Tell me what works best for you in Iowa time - and I'll work it out with the time here. I believe we are 9 hours ahead. Can't wait.