Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living Arrows

They say you find your true teachers when you are ready for them.

And ready to listen, maybe.

You are my teachers....and I am listening.

This from Brenda yesterday:

"Take it one day at a time and let them teach you. My kids have taught me more than I will EVER teach them."

(And this from a woman whose family farms for a living, makes their own clothes AND knows how to cook WITHOUT a 1,000 Euro Thermomix! Oh - and homeschools too.)

I've been saying it about Ryan too:

"I was trying to give Ryan self-worth by having her fit in. She is teaching me self-worth by showing me I don't have to." (Hero blog, February 3, 2010)

What have you learned from your children? How to pick up the house for company in less than 2 minutes? The importance of choosing your battles? The true meaning of joy?

Enough about me already.

Let's do this one together.

(I am looking for a list of ten, just one or two from each of you. And thanks to Karenne - for reminding me that it's not all about me, but about all of you too!)


  1. Things I have learned, or is that learnt?
    When I die I want my kids to say I was patient, not that I had an immaculate house, so I let them teach me that there are more important things to worry about than the finger prints on the windows. So I try to just plan a finger print removal day every now and then and we get them taken care of.
    Another thing I have is nice to have a can of air freshener in about every room. Kids stink A lot!

  2. 1. that it really is hard to grow up. seeing the real thing before me, i recognize myself acting like a child sometimes.

    2. that to really enjoy our kids, we have to immerse ourselves in them. and that means giving up some of ourselves. i don't think i really accepted this until i typed it just now. it's not a bad thing, though, because being a part of their discoveries and joy (i agree, it sounds gay, but joy is what i think of when i see them smile at me with their heads tilted to the side) enlightens us ... if we let it.

    okay, christine, maybe it's just me, but i found this was a very personal question. i was saying that moms want to share their stories of their kids barfing in the car and telling their neighbor that they have a big butt. not have a heart-to-heart with another blogger :-)