Friday, July 9, 2010

Dream House

Caught. Posted this earlier in the week and then took it down. Just seemed so silly. Almost offensive. And then Anna came up to me last night and asked me where it had gone. Because she really wanted to know. Her question made me realize that this list really was silly and unimportant. She made me realize the important part of a home isn't the number of bedrooms or the size of the family room or whether or not is has a hottub on the balcony. (Nice though, those!)

"WHERE would you put your dream house," she asked me.

"Next to the beach." I replied.

"Yeah. But WHERE next to the beach?"

Turns out there are others out there, others like me, who have no fixed latitude and longitude to call home. Whose biggest fear is ending up somewhere too long and missing out on where they are really meant to be.

We're wanderers and adventurers. And the kids wander with us. Looking back though, all I ever wanted to give my kids was the adventure I couldn't find in Connecticut.

Since I call nowhere home, I also have the freedom to call anywhere home.

And I don't really care about the TV room, or the super huge garage. (Still want a big yard, though, sorry, I am only human!)

Home, for me, is where my family is. And where we are happy, together. So far, we haven't found a fixed address for our happiness. But we are fortunate enough to be able to take it with us.

But you just want to see the petty list. Here it is:

1. HUGE yard. To throw the kids into. And to host massive bar-be-ques.
2. Big garage. For all the sports and beach equipment.
3. Close to beach. Cause the kids will be in school six hours a day!
4. Kitchen. Since it HAS to have one, a large open one. So I can spend time with the kids while I'm cooking for them. And maybe room for a chair and/or table so I can go and hide in it when I need some time to myself. (I've also considered a daybed in the laundry room.)
5. MODERN bathrooms. More than one. With jazuzzi tub in the master suite.
6. Never mind. I'm getting a hottub on the balcony. (It's a dream house, right?!)
7. TV room. So I don't have to watch it when the kids are.
8. Playroom/Den. For the kids. (Computer to share - maybe two.)
9. Living room/Den. For the adults. With one computer for me, one for Damon.)
10. MY OWN PRIVATE ROOM. (Some dreams never die.)
11. Some bedrooms. One for Ryan. The boys can share, as long as the kids' playroom is big enough. Sigh. I guess I can share with Damon too. As long as...
12. Room for all of Damon's @^#&#(, that he refuses to part with but doesn't know how to put away either. Will settle for a large closet in the garage for this.
14. BUILT-IN CLOSETS. (Never take these for granted, folks.)
13. Au pair apartment.
14. Cleaning crew 2 to 3 times a week.

But now I'm getting really petty.

Where do you guys call home? What does your dream house look like? What makes it your dream house and what couldn't you live without? And scary one here - for me at least - where do you see yourself living in thirty years?

I'm working on your answers to yesterday's post. Thanks for responding.

I think it's fairly obvious that I am learning far more from your comments and questions than I ever could digging around alone in my own twisted mind!


  1. guest rooms. i plan to live somewhere exotic (or at least not next door to anyone in my family), so i need space for loved ones to come and enrich my life (ie.. babysit, clean , cook ...)

  2. Oh yeah. I forgot about those. Might have to double up in the au pair apartment!

  3. So you've got a room on the list for all of Damons junk, er, stuff.....don't you have have any stuff? I don't see a room listed for you. Or is that what the closets are for??

  4. NUMBER TEN - private room! But I will settle for Damon having a job OUTSIDE THE HOME from 9 -5 . And the kids out at school from 8 - 3. I'll be homeschooling for a few months but, I'm afraid that's all the strength I have in me! More power to you, Brenda, for being able to do it with all the other stuff you also have going on at home!