Monday, April 1, 2013

Running High

Or is it running wild?

In any case, the only reason I went running this past Friday was because I was up at 6 AM anyway and it was either get out and get it over with or wait for the only class at the gym that day which wasn't until 9:30 since it was Good Friday.

Which meant I would have had to deal with the twins and Ian who were all up and running around the playroom downstairs while Damon was asleep on the couch.

It was a no brainer really.

Lets face it, I started running to lose weight but, since that isn't happening, I do it to prove I can.  And to get away from the kids.

I figured I'd do my usual route, out my front door to the right, up Lawnton's Pocket Road past the Lawnton Pool, left onto Gympie, past the highschool and then left back onto Bells Pocket Road and then home.  I was pretty sure it was about 5 kms, perhaps a bit more.

I'm pretty low tech.  No running watch.  No map my run.  No water bottle.  No ipod.  Just a good pair of shoes and a sunhat.  Never go anywhere in Australia without a sun hat.

I felt pretty good.  It was still fairly cool at 6:30 AM.  I made it the 2 kms to the Lawnton pool okay.  And Gympie was good.  Left onto Bell's Pocket and still going strong.  No leg pain.  No burning lungs.  Damn.  I must be going slower than I thought.  I hate pushing myself to the point of pain.  But I must have been daydreaming.  Here I am passing home and I still feel pretty much as good as when I started.

And this is where the brain starts talking to itself.  You don't have a voice inside your head telling you what to do?  Well I have two.  At least.  This time neither was going to let me stop.  The debate was about where to go next.  I needed to stay on the route.  To be safe, I had told Damon to come looking for me if I wasn't home by 7:15.  Which I figured meant he'd come looking at around 8:00. 

I knew that back up to the pool was 2 kms.  And back from there another 2 km.  That would be cool.  Especially since I'd never done more than 7 - 8 kms before.

I get to the Lawnton Pool and both voices are telling me, what the heck it is either 2 kms back along that boring road or about 3 forward.  And then you can say you did it TWICE!  Friggin' overachievers, both those voices!  At least one did let me stop in front of the pool to let me stretch my back.

After that I stopped talking to my voices.  And listened to my body.  I walked a bit in front of the highschool.  The sun was getting hotter.  Damon did a drive by right as I was about to turn off of Gympie onto Bell's Pocket, so I figured that was about 8:00. 

He just gave me a honk and a thumbs up and kept on driving.  So I guess I looked like I wasn't doing too too bad.

I don't know how fast I did it.  Probably about 1 hour and 40 minutes, with one stretch at 8 kms and two walks between 9 and 11 kms. 

I guess.  Approximately.  Because as it turns out the route is 6.1 kms.  And I did it twice.  Before 8:30 in the morning.

I'm still not happy with how this body looks.  I am so annoyed that I am eating next to nothing and running and working my heart out and it's still not working my ass off.  I'd like to blame it on the thyroid but more than that I'd like to not HAVE to blame it on the thyroid.

And so I ran 5 kms the next day too.  In 35 minutes.  And I will continue to run.  And to work out.  And to diet. 

I like the high I get from being able to do these things.  Damn, I can run 12 kms!!!

I like what this body can do.

As long as those crazy voices keep it going.

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