Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goal

That worked surprisingly well for March. 

I don't know how I did it.  It didn't seem particularly hard.  I didn't feel like I was working on it all the time.

It was baby steps, maybe.  Or just timing.  Focus?  Damon doing all the washing up and putting to bed?

It feels like magic.

Which gives me hope for the other goals in my life, the weight-loss mostly right now, but other things as well. 

Now that I do carry that notebook, and have been for three or maybe even four years, and now that I am able to take what I see and experience daily and record it regularly in a (fairly) readable manner, I find it is time to be brave enough to at least attempt the next step.

Yes, Mr. Editor, I realise I could cut a HEAP of words out of that last sentence to make it stronger and more definitive.

I'm  just not that confident yet.

The goal for April is to take those everyday observations and thoughts and writings and turn them into something productive for my novel.

The idea of the novel has been in existence since the beginning of July, 2012.  Which, lo and behold, is just about nine months.  It has changed drastically in that time.  It has evolved.  It has grown.

With the discovery of some friends also interested in furthering their fiction, now seems like the perfect time to announce the arrival of my new creation, a fictional story about a teenage girl.

Readers, meet Ryanne. 

And help me write her world into existence.

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