Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Now THIS is the word that describes my life!

Ryan and I found it today as we were reading about Gypsies and their incredible adaptability and flexibility under difficult conditions.

Webster's New World Dictionary defines vicissitude as a condition of constant change or alteration, as in a natural process, such as the vicissitude of the sea.  It also refers to unpredictable changes or variations that keep occurring in life, shifting circumstances, ups and downs.  It is often associated with adversity.

In the past two weeks we have had one car in for electrical problems they haven't been able to solve for the last year and a half, a huge problem in Queensland since this involves a loss of air-conditioning in 30+ degree weater, another car collapse entirely onto itself as the axle gave way, and the loaner vehicle given to us as a replacement car for the first vehicle, rear-ended during a freak hail storm on the way home from school pick-up.

Meanwhile Matthew finally described his reading difficulties to me by explaining how hard it was to differentiate between the words 'plant' and 'planet' when that 'e' kept shifting sizes and disappearing from the page. 

"When that e goes all funny, they look exactly the same though Mom, don't they?"

As if I should know what he's talking about.

"It's like that god movie, Mom."

What?  And then it hits me.  We'd been watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief the week before.  Percy is actually half-god, the son of Poseidon.  He is also dyslexic.

A second set of special bifocals for Matthew and some reading exercises.

Andrew's dentist is sure he should get braces asap.

Ryan's ASD testing is coming up. 

And then they notify us Friday that they can't renew our lease since the balcony is falling apart and the owner can't pay to repair it.  This after finally getting the pool fixed,  the leaking aircon serviced and the faulty oven repaired.  All in the past month.

That evening my yoga instructor's weekly words of wisdom were "when the difficulties of life are wearing you down, try to remember other difficulties you have overcome in the past to make you stronger."

Difficulties?  These aren't difficulties! 

The lowest time in my life was that move from Altdorf, those last days packing frantically while Damon copied work papers onto his computer, euthanising the dog in between packing up the car, preparing the apartment for inspection while planning for an October in Germany, summer in Queensland and selling the rest.  Except for what went into the container. 

We might need to move a few kilometres in the upcoming weeks?  PLEASE!  Don't waste my time.

The other stuff I have been thinking of as the normal baggage of a middle class lifestyle.

I mean, really, when you can complain about two cars and the pool not working, you're better off than you think you are.

There is no one shooting at us, or bombing us, or threatening us in any way.  We aren't starving or ill. 

This is the universe, or God, or Brahma, or the Tao, giving us a kick in the pants and telling us to get a move on.  You are too comfortable where you are now.  Stasis does not become you. 

Our biggest problem is the abundance of opportunies around us and the need to choose a path.

This are the ebbs and flows of  this life, the price of being a spirit in a human body, what we need to learn while we are in this form on earth. 


It's how you view your circumstances that makes all the difference.

These aren't problems.  This is life and opportunity.

And we are so fortunate to have them.

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