Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nursing Twins

It CAN be done. But not by everyone and not exclusively.

La Leche can send the nursing mafia hit men after me, but someone has got to stand up to them.

When Aidan and Matthew were 8 weeks old we took them to Mallorca, where everyone had the privilege of watching me nurse one or the other of them continuously the entire time. Europe and a bikini. I don't know how you'd do it in America. We were also bottle feeding while my body sent out for more milk.

I ate three full buffet meals daily, including chocolate covered pancakes for breakfast and a slice of cake and icecream for desert at dinner. And I didn't gain an ounce.

Of course, when we got home and I had to sprint to kindergarten and school every morning and afternoon to pick up Ryan and Andrew, well, I just didn't have the opportunity to sit and eat that way anymore. Let alone sit at all. Sleep was also a rare commodity.

I did my best for six full months, running around Altdorf without a bra (must have been a beautiful sight to behold!)and drinking malt beer. Til someone compared it to trying to nurse while playing professional basketball. My body just didn't have the energy for both.

I guess La Leche's definition of "mother" is right up there with "cow." Cows stand still and eat all day in order to produce milk. Sorry La Leche, but most definitions of mother also include older children, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, the soccer/ballet run and a husband. (If you are lucky; my hats off to anyone who raises twins as a single parent.) I'd say you need to find time for yourself too, but let's face it, in the beginning that just translates to more time to SLEEP! Or playing Monopoly with the older kids.

You do the best you can. And you give your children more than milk.

You only have so much of yourself to give.

A mother is worth more than her milk alone.

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