Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nice Germans

The lady at Edeka last week who let me cut ahead of her in line when she saw I was only buying 2 bars of chocolate. (Prudent move whenever you see ANY woman just running in for a chocolate fix but nice just the same.)

The lady at Subway who WOULD have waited patiently behind us as all four kids picked out their Subway meals. I was glad to see her served and enjoying her meal while we were still deciding on toppings and sauces.

The man who called to sell us a monthly wine subscription today and was pleasant even when I told him we were Mormon. (Just kidding, but I did tell him we don't drink.) He stopped his sales pitch immediately, asked how I was enjoying the weather and told me he was sure it was bound to get better soon. Huh?

All the folks at the Ritter Sport factory in Waldenbuch last Sunday (it's a chocolate factory) who commented on my children as the filed past in single file. "Oh. Look how cute they are. So happy, each with one bar of chocolate." My kids ARE cute. Anyone who appreciates this is automatically placed in the superior person category.

The coaches and trainers at the indoor swimming pool in Boeblingen who actually came over and got down on their knees to explain to Aidan and Matthew - all ready to swim with boards and towels in hand - that there was a swim competition going on. And then mentioned the Ritter Sport factory as an alternative.


  1. Yea, so sweet to hear these nice stories. I have a few not-so-nice German stories but also a number of friendly stories. Like when we were walking home from a friends' house and both of my little boys started having a major crying fits/tantrums right there in the street. This little old "oma" who was waiting outside for a ride to the grocery store went into her apartment and brought out some chocolate for them. She was so very sweet to them and they stopped their fit immediately!
    Laura in Ludwigsburg

  2. I won't be the first to say it. It's MY generation that seems to be the problem, self-centered, absorbed in only themselves. The older folks have always been friendly. Of course, my gang and I just keep working on ém until we elicit a smile - or they head somewhere else in disgust! Stay tuned for more NICE GERMAN stories - computer and I were out of commission in April but I really really appreciate your comment! It's a frustrating culture but....since I am HALF.....I figure I can beat em with friendliness - or at least confuse the heck out of em! Thanks again!