Monday, May 27, 2013

Perspectives: Andrew's Career Aspirations

I can't remember Andrew not wanting to play World Cup Soccer, although the team has changed from Germany to Australia in the last two years.  (You might wanna stick with a team that MAKES it into the World Cup, mate, but that's another story!)

Pirate Andrew on his fifth birthday, April 1, 2001, in Europa Park

He's a decent player, but he hasn't been coached much until now.  He was stuck in goal until last year because the coaches kept insisting he was so good there.  You maybe wanna try giving the nine year old a shot at playing the game he loves? 

Turns out he's alright in midfield as well.

And, more importantly, he lives and loves the game.

Biking with baby brother Matthew at Jolo's Kinderwelt

Still, the chances are small, and even if he is any good, good enough for state or national or even international levels, it's a short and risky career.  Cruciate rupture at 28 and you're out man, don't pass Go!, do not collect...well, anything really.  Unless, like Michael Ballack, you have a face that lands you a lucrative Gillette contract going when you top out at 34.   Sigh.

And then you have to go and play for England!

Foosball player in at Bach Fest in Altdorf, June 2007

I've been trying to talk to Andrew about keeping his options open.  I have never said I didn't think he would make it as a soccer player, I've just suggested that he might like something else to do afterwards, since the career is so short. 

Fire Station Show in Altdorf, May 2007

I talk sports caster or sports writer, I talk about utilising some of his academic talents as well.  I've mentioned those Mid-East Peace Talks he negotiates after winning the World Cup title for Australia, becoming a famous TV personality due to his quirky interviews in German and American English, using the skills he developed as the middle sibling between an older sister with Asperger's Syndrome and younger twin brothers.

So I should have been thrilled when he came home from school yesterday and told me he had thought about his options and had a few career choices in mind just in case the soccer didn't work out. 

Policeman.  SWAT team.  Army.

Medieval Festival in Herrenberg, August 2007

Although, to pacify me he told me he'd use his engineering skills to build things for the army to use.

Oh.  Like guns and bombs and weapons of mass destruction?

What the hell happened to sports writer?!

Cowboy to Ryan's horse, summer 2007. 

Andrew's best friend at school has a dad who just so happens to be a policeman.  He's also the one who has gotten Andrew to join his youth group at church on Friday evenings.   I am so happy that Andrew is finally finding his group here, that he has a best friend who will attend the same secondary school and that that friend has values Andrew can relate to.  It's been a long journey for Andrew - I can finally see it all tying together for him.

Still.  SWAT TEAM?!  I'm beginning to wonder if maybe my children should start hanging with the wrong crowd!

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