Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shiva's Rule

Now that I've decided I'm a Hindu, I also figured I could choose which god I get to worship.  Brahman is the supreme God, but he has many representations. 

I have been wanting to worship Vishnu, who represents balance.  He has many avatars that have come to earth at various times, the most popular being Rama, Buddha and Krishna.  I already have a lovely picture of Krishna, who represents joy, freedom and love.

This, I feel, is what should guide my life. 

Camping April 13. 

But who am I kidding?  It is clear that it is Shiva who is ruling my life right now.

Shiva is destruction.  Shiva is chaos.  Shiva is change.

As much as I want Brahma central, I see Shiva dancing in the heavens and smiling with me.

AFL game May 3.  I can line em up, but I can't control em!

He is the whirling dervish around me, the maker of mischief, of the huge changes in my life right now.  Home?  Gone.   After the pool, the porch and now the fence fiascos.  As well as the aircon and the oven.  Cars.  Take your pick.  One broke.  One scrapped.  Another dented.  That after the tires all started blowing out one by one from December to March.  Kid's sports activities?  Settled down now - thanks to patience - but totally up in the air for a while.  Ryan in assessments.  Andrew looking at schools.  Matthew and Aidan.  Yup, just Matthew and Aidan.  And Ian running around in the middle of it all, growing up and taking it all in stride.  I'm telling ya, life among the barbarians is fun, isn't it my little Buddhist reincarnation?

Hey, how come I have to be Ned Kelly?!
Urban Country Music Festival in Caboolture, May 6


I am quite sure he is NOT laughing AT me, thanks for asking.

He is dancing his dance of life, of which change, and death and endings are a part.

No worries.  We found a house in Caboolture.  Only one bath though.

I have accepted the inevitability of change and of endings as a necessary part of growth and new beginnings. 

I have to accept his change and dance his dance.

And Mom's not so sure about the kitchen either.

I dance the dance of Shiva, the dance of change.

I am balanced and accepting as the forces of new beginnings take shape around me.

And I feel strangely at peace.

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