Thursday, May 9, 2013

Why We Homeschool! (Give a Gonski)

I'd like to dedicate this to the comedian Damon saw on TV last week - an Australian of Egyptian descent - who most aptly phrased my biggest whinge about this country.

At the Caboolture Historical Village for the Urban Country Music Festival, May 5
(Why we homeschool!)

"So, who is for the Gonski initiative?"  he asked the audience.  One guy raised his hand.  "Ah, a liberal," he said.

"Who is against the Gonski initiative?" he then asked.  No answers.

Uh, does this come with an interactive smart board?!

"Typical Aussies," he laughed.  "No one gives a shit."

Laid back, yes.  Often to the point of apathy.

I attribute it to life being too good in this country.  Honestly mates, some people work TWO jobs in other countries. 

We could use a Brain Break!

Without tea breaks.

And still don't have it as good as people on the dole here.

So, yeah, what's to whinge about, really?!

Prize pupils.

The Gonski initiative, however, is an attempt to inject some federal and state funding into schools, something Queensland, at least, desperately needs.

Noone likes a whinger though.

Have a laugh. 

Waiting for recess.

And THEN give a Gonski.

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