Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exceptional Needs

Ryan started her assessments with the psychologist today.

Bunny ears for ANZAC Day!!!

You meet some awesome kids in the waiting room.

One kid told me all about dinosaurs, complete with spelling.  Another one told me how to assemble a rocket.

Mind you, both were four years old.

Meanwhile Ryan, dressed in a cute pink top and leggings, and then wrapped in a purple sarong and carrying her knitting, was holding up a lego contraption and explaining how much it looked like a bridle.

Full cheek snaffle to be exact.

Urban Country Music Festival in Caboolture.  Blending with the locals!!!


Why does my child's exceptional talent have to be one nobody else can even understand?!

I'm just going to have to work on hooking her up with the future rocket scientist.

Obsession or talent?!

Maybe she can knit him a beanie for his rocket.

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