Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Signs We Have Been Here Over Two Years Now!

Overheard from downstairs the other week:

Matthew:  There's a spider in the playroom.  There's a spider in the playroom.

Aidan:  Is it a huntsman?

Matthew:  Yeah, I think it might be.

Aidan:  Let me see how big it is.


Aidan:  Oh, it's just a little one.  Just set the Legos up a little to the side of it.

Matthew:  Okay.

Two years ago we were chasing huntsmen - which grow to be as big and meaty as tarantulas - out of our closets and trying to contain them in big pots to get them outside.  (Not only do I not believe in killing spiders, can you imagine the mess killing something that size would make?!)

Now we are building our Lego cities around them.

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