Monday, April 16, 2012


The kids went back to school today.

Doo da doo da.

Trip to Christ Church.  Awesome.  The twins made two collages of our trip when they were home with impetigo the following week.

The following week.  Horrendous.   When the news came on Wednesday that Grandma had died all I could think of  was "well of course she did!."  That kind of a week.

Five kids at home for two weeks of Easter Break.  Highlights included a camping and boating weekend for Andrew's birthday, Easter Sunday board surfing at Dicky Beach on the Sunshine Coast (where we learned what 'dumping waves' were!),  April 10 at Wet -n- Wild on the Gold Coast and April 13th at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (where a few of the kangaroos actually deigned to get up for us, and one even hopped!).

I got my veterinary license for Queensland the same day Damon got his raise.

Andrew got a motorbike.

I got my first Asian massage and now totally love all Asian men.  Plus my husband for getting it for me.

Aidan and Matthew played their first game of league soccer.

Ian is crawling a bit, mostly in an attempt to stand and play soccer. 

And I managed to figure out the manual 4*4 loaner vehicle in time to race Ryan to her riding lesson.  Turns out driving manual on the right side of the car is exactly the same as driving it on the left side.  Which I learned only after barreling out of the garage in reverse and almost hitting a post (with all five kids in the car, of course!) before taking a guess that the brake was the OTHER pedal.

It's been a heck of a four weeks.

I keep thinking of John Lennon 'watching the wheels go round and round.'  My merry-go-round spins faster and faster.  I love it.  Mostly.

Goal now is to find my way to the middle and just watch a bit myself.

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