Sunday, April 22, 2012

Working Out The Workout Schedule

Getting out of bed at 5 AM is not a problem.

At all.

Ian eats from 4 AM on anyway.  And then tosses and turns the rest of the time.

I might as well get up and get it over with.

The boxing class is far less painful than tormenting myself by even trying to get anymore sleep.

The key to all this was a nap in the morning when Ian goes down though.

Around mid-day.  Which is 8:30 AM to 10 AM for Ian.  On a good day.

Day one, Friday, however, Ryan had a 9:30 AM appointment to get her thyroid checked at Royal Children's Hospital in Brisbane.  One hour sitting in traffic at that hour.

Ian got a nap.

I didn't.

Two hours in the waiting room and back to school at 11:30.

Ian snoozed again in the car.

I didn't.

Noon shopping and lunch.

Back to school for some quick unfinished P and C business.

I left Ian sleeping in the car and ran up to the office.

3 PM pickup.

4 - 6 PM P and C get together.

Ian fairly exhausted from a day in the car.

And you've seen my Saturday schedule.

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  1. For the record, Mondays Body Pump class was awesome too. Then a 4 hour trip into central Brisbane with the twins and the baby to get the twins' hearing checked - fine, thanks for asking 300 dollars, 50 dollars parking, and driving in the city with a Toyota truck later - they just don't LISTEN! Straight back to school at noon for a P and C crafts afternoon until 3, a teachers meeting and a run around the shops for a damn zumba tape. Maybe I can sleep Wednesday. Tomorrow not looking good either.