Friday, April 20, 2012

Merry Go Round Out of Control

Has it only been a week since school started?

I'm exhausted. 

This might be worse than having the kids home.

Tomorrow's schedule:

Andrew has a 9 AM soccer game.

Aidan and Matthew have a 9 AM soccer game.  (Be there at 8:15)

Fortunately at the same field (this time!) since I also decided to host a Norwex party 2 months ago.

Has it been two months already? 10 -12 Norwex then.

Aidan and Matthew then have a 12 - 3 PM birthday party. (Can I schedule in time to wrap the presents?)

While Andrew has Philippino language class from 2 - 4 PM.

Someone has to drive Ryan riding at 1:30.

And pick her up again at 8 PM since she is staying for the evening meeting.  (Remember to give her money to buy pizza so she doesn't starve.)

Sunday she goes back up again at 6 AM until 1 PM to help at a dressage event.  (Make sure she eats.)

Aidan and Matthew have a costume party from 2 - 4 .  (Will I run out of wrapping paper by then since I forgot to pick some up while I was out today?!)

I'm just sure I'm forgetting something.

Or that I'll forget some kid somewhere at some point.

It's a good thing Ian is squawking at this stage!  (For the record, he is doing the Norwex party and the riding activities!)

My friend Tash, planning her 7 AM to 7 PM day tomorrow from swimming to rugby to karate and back to swimming again has been questioning all this running around.

Fit?  To heck with it all.  Why don't we just stick our kids in front of Saturday cartoons and gp back to bed.

I'll probably pass you on Gympie Road at some point Tash.


  1. look at that gorgeous boy :) missed out on a cuddle today - my last cuddle lasted 5 secs before he was reaching for someone else, and he literally poked his tongue out at me. Oh its on, Ian, it is on!

  2. The tongue is a sign of respect. It means "listen, I have to make the rounds now and be nice to less interesting spirits than yourself, but you and I both know I'd rather be with you!" Like his mum.

    he has SO been here before. I'd ask you to do his runes but it would, like, so totally (yes, I did that on purpose) freak me out.

    I had this kid for a reason. You and I met up for one as well.