Saturday, April 21, 2012

You really learn how much your friends love you when you invite them to a cleaning products party and they show up. 

Nicole twins' mum Nicole at MY twins birthday party last July. 

We had all three Nicoles there; Nicole the twins' mum Nicole and Nicole Monique's mum Nicole as well as Nicole Mat's Nicole from Damon's previous employment. Tracey came with two of her five kids in between soccer matches, Miranda brought scones and cream, Karina brie and crackers.  Nicole twins' mom Nicole brought her mother-in-law, Lorna, who bravely rallied along.

Kids who weren't being carted around to sporting events and birthday parties by husbands were turfed downstairs where Damon ran a free creche service for the duration.  It was a bit loud at first but then I remembered to turn off the baby monitor.

You think maybe Bobbi Jo didn't turn up because she thought we'd stick her at the kids' table again?
I'd been trying to convince everyone that this really would be fun - especially with the wild gang that did come - but I know they only came for me.

And it was fun.  These girls have a wicked sense of humour, every single one of them, and it was a fun mix to have. 

Nicole twin's mom Nicole had been rolling her eyes at me for weeks every time I mentioned my cool Norwex cleaning products - safe for the environment, better for your kids, saves you money blah blah blah..... 

She was only expressing what everyone else was thinking too.

"We'd all heard the 'I spilled pear juice in the fridge and my Norwex kitchen cloth picked it up in 5 minutes' story." said  Miranda.

Miranda and Jesse with a brand-new baby Ian

And the 'I can clean the bathroom sink in 2 minutes' story.

Not to mention the "I borrowed Tracey's mop after Ryan's pool party and cleaned the entire downstairs floor in 7 minutes " story.

Yes, I am a joy to run into!

I'd love to say I was using the products because I care about my kids' health or want to cut down on cleaning detergents and paper towels.

I'm just using them to save time.

But I haven't bought any paper towels in over 4 months. 

I basked in the joy that I had friends who loved me - or at least liked me enough to show up and watch someone clean my house - and felt lucky to be surrounded by all the good cheer and laughter, the eye rolling and teasing too. 

That was really enough for me.

Tracey and Neil looking so cute until I realised she was just going for his wallet!

It was even more fun to see people get into the products the same way I had. 

Hah.  Laugh at my ' I can mop up the kids' drinks spills with one cloth and never use any paper towels anymore' story now.  (In fact, Andrew knocked over a water glass right after everyone left and ran straight for the Norwex cloth before I could get overly upset about it.  Good boy.  Nice to see that he is partially house-broken!)

The sink was clean in less than 2 minutes.

I saw through one of my living room windows again.

And one rung of my oven is sparkling clean.

The shower product worked so well Damon looked through the glass door when I showed it to him and was remarkable unimpressed.  Until he realised that the door was there. 

He'd thought it was open.

Nicole twins' mum Nicole ended up liking the products so much she is hosting a party herself in June.
Coady and Connor twins all in a heap.
Something I can now roll MY eyes at every time I see her.

A few people bought more products than I have myself and I felt a strange momentary twinge of envy.  Which was really funny since the whole point had been to show everyone how great this stuff was and how much time it would save them.  Oh yeah and money and health and the environment and all that.

How lame is it that I think it is going to be really fun listening to people's stories once they start using their mops and sponges and stuff?   Now Cara and the entire P and C are going to have to hear it from Nicole too!  And hey, she's the pres!

I'm so excited I get some new stuff now too.  I really am.  Thanks guys.

"My mother says I'm brilliant but I'm having a little trouble finding my mouth here!"

But I'm way more excited that I have such a great group of friends.  We've only been here 18 months.  That I've stumbled upon such a sisterhood is truly remarkable.  It makes me feel that I am truly meant to be here, that this is exactly where I am supposed to be and that I have finally, after a lifetime of searching, truly found home.

Bonus is that I've also got the Norwex products to clean it with!!!!

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