Sunday, March 18, 2012

This NEVER happens!

I might just be at a good point in my life.

As I was blogging about how friendly Australians are to one another Cara was posting an article about the woman who held up a nearby shop at knifepoint this weekend and Karen was writing about the drug search going on in her neighbourhood nearby.

No, it's not perfect here. 

But things are going fairly swimmingly for me.

An example:

The upstairs toilet stopped flushing last night.  Damon called the repairman and he stopped by today just as Ian went down for his afternoon nap.  (Note:  Ian actually TOOK an afternoon nap today!)

As I sat on the rim of the tub - still in lounging pants and a T-shirt that would have had a German repairman running for the hills in embarrassment (or rather a Turkish repairman taking discrete photos with his mobile and sending them to his friends!) - this guy smiled the entire time and asked me if I was from the same part of the USA as Terry Owens.  Terry Owens.  Damn.  Sounds like some sports figure I should know about. 

When he continued on by asking if I'd ever been to the Australia Zoo, I realise he'd said Terry Irwin with an Australian accent and decided to be flattered.  She's fairly cute, bubbly, AND owns the Australia Zoo.  Which is only 30 minutes away.  Maybe there is a future impersonating her when she needs a holiday!  (She's from Oregon; I checked.  Northern accent anyway!)

Meanwhile this guy is putzing around in my toilet. 

Which I had just cleaned the day before. 

As well as the floor around the toilet.

And the entire bathroom.  (I'm telling you ladies; Norwex is making it oh so simple for me!)

How often does THAT really happen?  That your bathroom is actually spotless enough for someone to be bending over the toilet bowl and reaching inside...and you still feel good about it?!  (Unless you are German that is!)

On the way out he started to clean the water that had dripped on the floor.

And put on his boots that he'd left outside.

Wow.  This guy's a keeper!

I'm leaving the door open for him when I go to pick the kids up at 3:00.  (So he can come back and fix the toilet; just in case that wasn't clear!)

I know not everything is perfect out there; there is crime and there are drugs and violence.

But I happen to be in a charmed place in my life right now.

And doubly blessed because I know enough to appreciate it!

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