Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Welcome Ian!

Ian Adam Connor
Well, we did it! Although my Mom's ESP was sending out 'something is up' signals from the USA and she did mention, after the fact, that I WAS looking a bit heavy on some of those blog photos, Ian Adam Connor arrived - with record speed and WITHOUT that much requested epidural - at 1:43 PM Queensland time, on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 weighing in at a whopping (for me) 3.7kgs / 8 lbs 3 ozs and measuring 51 cms.

"We'll take those pain meds to go." said Damon on the way home.

With happy siblings

Our little rocket man arrived moments after Brisbane Royal Hospital decided I really DID need a birth suite. At 1:25 I was 4 cms and anxiously awaiting that epidural. (Because, nitrous oxide, my friends, is a recreational drug, not a pain killer! Nice buzz. But it still hurt.)

At 1:43 I had a baby. Um. Very nice and all that but....did someone FORGET THE EPIDURAL?!

When the midwives start looking like teenagers....

Blog obviously to follow.

In the meantime, we snuck little Ian into the world at large, but to much fanfare among his siblings and our friends/family here in the area, all who have been anxiously waiting to meet Connor #5, and Boy #4. (Ryan, thanks for asking, is THRILLED with ANY baby. We are co-mothering, and I couldn't do evenings without her!)

Not enough Ian to go around!

Without further ado: what you REALLY tuned in for. PHOTOS!

Dad in the birth suite

Look!  Mommy made us a doll.

Aidan and Ian

Matthew and Ian

Andrew and Ian


Ryan CANNOT WAIT her turn!

Ryan and Ian.  She's in love, boy or not.
It's all right Ian.  Ryan's gotcha.

Sisterly love
Dad FINALLY gets a cuddle too!
So far, it's been easy. You have to remember, I had Andrew. And then the twins. So that this little guy, as easy-going as his sister was, is a piece of cake. He was up the first night - supposedly nothing unusual for babies who shoot into the world as fast as he did - a bit of a shock for him as well as me! But, has been sleeping in 3 - 4 hour stints ever since. (Andrew, for his part, slept through the first night and then didn't sleep for 2 1/2 years after that, so I really wasn't worried!)

Yes, it's all-consuming. But what a joy to be consumed - and able to meet - the needs of ONE baby after flailing about helplessly 5 years ago trying to even adequately meet the needs of two.

And the siblings help. Hint for that last baby: have an older daughter around to help out!

We did it!   World...Ian.



  1. HOLY COW!!! You bugger! (I don't know why I have to say this but it's just there at my fingertips...)
    You are now officially a crazy person.
    Nice observation, though, being able to meet the needs of one baby instead of perpetually struggling with two. Enjoy your one-on-one :-)
    And CONGRATULATIONS! I know this is what you wanted. And it might be even better than you thought it would be because your whole life is different: you're fighting neither for your own life nor for your older children's lives. You can focus on him and he can focus on you.
    Like I said, though: crazy. FIVE kids. Seven heads in the family (thank goodness not more, for five children :-)).
    Have fun!

  2. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt Eures kleinen Sohnes wünschen wir Euch allen vom "Birkholmhof"
    Ute mit Gerald, Jonas und David

    Alles, alles Gute - Ihr seht wirklich glücklich aus!!! und ich freue mich, daß es Euch jetzt so gut geht - verfolge Deinen Blog - Ute

  3. Congratulations Christine!!! An easy one for the last?? But I am sure none were easy at the beginning. At least now you have more help with the others...
    Love to all and get sleep whenever you can!!

  4. I love, love, love this introduction - and now that I see I wasn't the only one likely surprised, I feel much better :) Congratulations...I'm welling up!

  5. Oh My God!!! He is SOOOO Beautiful! Now I want one... No, wait, no.
    I can't believe it. Congrats'!!!!!! I really am speechless.
    Should I come and help you?

    Love you, miss you!

  6. Wow, how exciting! Congrats and all that. What fun! What work! you know...

    By the way, in case you don't know yet, Anna and family are going to South Africa for 3 years.

    All the best from Anna (Cori's) mom, Peggy