Sunday, October 23, 2011


The first time we attracted the attention of tourists was in Heidelberg.  That was before we even had the twins.  The Chinese tourists coming out of the castle onto the ramparts where we were picnicking surrounded us, snapping shots of Ryan and Andrew, totally impressed that two siblings could be so unalike in colouring.  One young lady even asked if Damon and I would pose with the kids.  (We did, happily.)

With Wolfy in Heidelberg

Genetics.  What a concept.  I hadn't even thought about it until then but yeah, white people ARE funny that way! 

This friendly interest totally beat the German woman in the swimming pool locker room a year later who boldy informed me - not asked - that my children obviously didn't have the same father.  In front of the kids.  Nice.

It's called hybrid vigour.  It's why mutts are less prone to diseases than purebreds and why the Russian royals were on the way out even before they were brutally executed by the communists.  (Hemophilia, for those of you who missed the in-school movie, thanks to generations of inbreeding.)

Both mine (Barefoot park in Germany - odd concept when I think about it now!  But cool!)

We draw less attention for the twin-thing now that Matthew has sprouted up a head taller than Aidan.  (Nowadays it's " how old ARE your boys?" as they try to figure out how I could have three boys so close in age.)

But I tend to dress them alike when we go to any major tourist spots; easier to pick out weather-appropriate gear AND easier to spot them if they are both dressed in brigh orange.  (I choose their swimwear identically for the same reason!)

We are often attention-grabbers, posing for pictures in front of world famous tourist spots as the tourguide patiently - or resignedly - waits for the photoshoot  and obligatory question and answer period to end. 

A Japanese tour group delayed their entrance into the Frauenkirche in Dresden in order to snap us.  And later the Italians gave up a view of the Elbe to follow for a photo session in the park.

Twins in Dresden  (Look at that hair!)

Last week Damon said a Chinese man promptly turned his lens from the Opera House in Sydney to fire shots of the twins climbing around the steps in front of it.

Twin sighting in front of some building!

Eh, you can always buy a postcard of the Opera House.

Eh - we've got the same barber!  (Dad.)

It isn't everyday you see twins!

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