Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Week Milestone: Sleeping Through The Night

Spoiler Alert:  If hearing about how fantastic the weather (and people) are here, if my gloating about the fantastic school system and my fabulous children's achievements within in, already have you sick to your stomache (sorry Lori!) then you might want to skip the piece on the two week old baby sleeping through the night.

  Honestly though, I deserved this child.

We celebrated his two week birthday with him sleeping from 9PM to 3AM the night before.  Which yes, is officially sleeping through the night.  We then had two more feeds at 2 hour intervals until 7 AM.

I have never felt so fantastic!

That's more continual sleep than I got with the twins (or Andrew for that matter!) in A WEEK!

I firmly believe that you can endure anything all day if you are able to get enough sleep at night.

Don't get me wrong; some of this has to do with expectations.  Ryan slept this much as well but I was napping all weekend to catch up on what I thought was lack of sleep.  Until she slept through the night, 8PM to 8AM, at 3 months and then even I couldn't REALLY complain anymore. 

With Ian, I know myself to be lucky to be getting as much as I am.

 And no matter how much I have to hold him all morning when his belly aches - I am able to hold him without worrying about what the OTHER one is doing.

I know to cherish these times the way I cherished them with the first.

And I get to share the delight with the four that came before.

The circle is closed.  Those family photos are finally filled.  (There was always an empty gap in my mind where a fifth child should have been.)  And I no longer count to four and wonder who I am missing.

"The Connor Baby" (as aptly named by a third grader at school yesterday) is here.

And I am complete.

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