Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Vocab Connor-Style

The Smile
Remember when the baby books told you that your newborn smiling at you wasn't smiling at you at all?  But that it was gas?

Yeah right.
Still a Steinmann!

Ian was smiling at me at three days old and it wasn't gas.  (You can tell when a Connor boy has gas.  And NOONE is smiling when he does!)

I thought it was contentment.

Would you trust THIS smile?
Three weeks later he does it more and more often, often in response to my voice while lying in my arms after nursing.

It's a smug smile and I do believe I've figured it out.

He's laughing at me.

Or this one?
Laughing at me, not with me, as in "go ahead and put me down now Mom, and see how fast I open my eyes and scream bloody murder."  As in "you may think I'm out cold, but I'm just waiting for you to let your guard down."  And as in "hey, lady, you and I are spending most of the night together....awake."

There's also the possibility that he's just dreaming about boobies.

The finer points of horseback riding explained by Ryan
Ryan found a way to get him back though.

I walked in from hanging the laundry yesterday to find him on her bed surrounded by all four siblings.  (I'd been fooled by that smile to lay him down, thinking I had at least thirty minutes.)

He was on his stomach - which at this point still means mostly on his face.

And the kids were cheering him on, encouraging him to start crawling.

"Look Mom, we're teaching him to crawl."

Has anyone seen the baby?
"Tummy time" the baby books call it. 

"Survival" is what I am calling it.

Or maybe "payback's a bitch, pal."

Wise to the world at three weeks

Go ahead and laugh little guy.  I'm yours all night, but I'm giving you to your siblings in the morning!

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