Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coming Home?

I've got less than an hour to explain how I ended up speaking to the mayor of Altdorf in my pajamas.

Why Lori, Ryan and I sat on the floor Thursday morning and cried.

But to get there I would have to explain why our lawyer, most often known as Aidan's and Matthew's godfather and a good friend, was telling us it was perfectly alright to abduct a little old lady and force her to sign papers in our home.

But it's Sunday in Iglersreuth. The opening ceremonies for the new bike path into the Czech Republic start at 1:00. The potato king and queen need to be crowned. And the beer isn't drinking itself.

It's a tiny corner of the earth, direct in the middle of Europe. Landscape that inspired MY husband to speak of "undulating hills and fields." Mornings we look out onto the largest contiguous forest in Europe. Afternoon drives that have caused us to change our family motto to "we don't know where we're going and we don't know where we've been." Fewer people than Altdorf (pop. 6,000) in the entire township. Exactly as shown on the Internetsite. Five star quality. (NOT jsut another partially renovated farmhouse to squeeze money out of the city suckers.)

But enough about Iglersreuth. You'll want to hear about the pajamas.


  1. Damon just walked in to inform me that there are SIXTEEN houses in Iglersreuth. SIXTEEN. And yet the Czech border made this region the center of the world for a time. We're heading to Dresden in two weeks, where my father was born....wonder what the quarantine restrictions are on bringing your roots with you into Australia?


  3. I know. I know. But I think we already determined what a tease I am. I WILL get to the's really not THAT great a story, except for the fact that I had a meeting with the mayor in the Rathaus in my pajamas! Just last minute catastrophes - mostly the landlord trying to keep his 3000 Euros deposit from us. Just because he is that kind of person. But I need to tell it gently and tell it my guess is you will have to wait until weekend, Sorry. Been homeschooling 3 hours a day, kindi on the trampoline, bike rides to get fresh cows milk, cooking lessons....basic, boring country living. Loving it but no time for writing about it yet!