Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Fight to Write

Damon has been gone for two full days and I have spent a large majority of that time on the computer writing.  The days have been mild and sunny.  The kids have played outside, Luke and Leia running an intergalactic fast food joint out of the sandbox as Anakin and Obiwan ride around on their little plastic green tractors saving the universe from loose lawn debris and every so often in coming in for an order of fries.  With ketchup.

I did spend some time making sure that Luke and Leia could measure distance in meters, centimeters and millimeters.  And all four of the Star Wars gang has unwittingly been learning about Germany while playing a great Ravensburger game called "Deutschlandreise'' (Travel through Germany).  Not only are they learning map reading skills, they are learning all the major airports in Germany and which connections to take get from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Kiel.  The coolest thing is that the game is over 20 years old and still shows the divided Germanies.  So that we get a little history lesson built in too.  I'd highly recommend the game to anyone raising kids in Germany.  The kids learn to plan out a route, learn about places in Germany.  And it's fun.  Really.  Ravensburger is great.  And can feel free to advertise on my final web-site any day. 

Right now I just looked up to catch Andrew, in my straw sun hat, enter the bedroom.  Ryan has the camera  - I believe she asked permission and I just said ''Um."    And the four of them are writing and directing themselves in a movie.  Peacefully so far.

But Damon will come home to battle scars.  The latest occurred this afternoon as Luke, Leia and I were reviewing lengths and distances.  ( I get to be Padme, and have endowed myself with the powers of Gaia, something that Luke does not fully approve of but which he lets slide with a roll of his eyes as long as I am willing to remain in character.)  In order to stop Anakin (Matthew, appropriately enough) and Obiwan from waging their intergalactic battle on the sofa, Padme suggested they open a fast food stand on her bed using the Uno cards as currency.  Padme did NOT suggest taking her pens and tattoing their faces with them.  Although she has to admit it adds to the terror when they face their intergalactic space opponents.  Or, in Obiwan's case, scary spiders. 

It also has the added bonus of covering some of the scars Anakin inflicted upon Obiwan in yesterday's all-to-real battle here on Earth. 

Padme can use the forces of good to restore order to the universe.  Or in this case the apartment.

Nothing but time will bring back Andrew's toenail. 

My time is up.  Damon is on his way up the stairs.  I think of my children's battle scars and thank them for their self-less sacrifice on the altar of their mother's writing.

The fight to write.  Tougher than a light saber duel against Darth Vader.  May the Force be with me.

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