Thursday, September 1, 2011


It's only recently that I've realised the twins no longer understand German. 
What's odd about this is that I continue to reprimand them in German and they continue to quiet down and behave when I do so.

Turns out noone is listening to what I say anyway.

They just know enough to keep quiet when I start yelling in any language.

Odd though that they follow directions in German too.  Probably just because when I'm screaming "ins Bett.  JETZT!" they already know the safest thing to do is to crawl into bed and be quiet, no matter WHAT it is I'm saying.

They still use some German verbs though.  Mostly when announcing their intentions to go to the bathroom. 

And, as wrong as I think it is to turn German into my language of fear and punishment, well frankly, I can't think of a better language for instilling fear and punishment.

You should have seen the look on the face of the women sitting in front of us at the Medieval Festival a few months ago when I broke out with   "Faire Attention!  Muss das sein!  You people are going to fall off the bleachers."  Yes, three languages at once.  Not one of which my kids probably paid any attention too.

Then I promptly forgot how to ask for the time in English and asked Damon "Kile ou genyen?"  which is Haitian Creole for  "Qui L'heure" or however it is the French ask for the time.

Multilingual maybe.  But still very few people who will understand me!

And speaking all these languages at home - I use "Je suis tres fatige" on a regular basis - just makes me realize that noone is listening to me anyway no matter WHAT language I speak.

At least I amuse myself.  J'adore francais.

We're also getting a big kick out of being multilingual in English.  Damon's "winching" was topped this week by Andrew patiently explaining a new word to us all over dinner.

Ryan was being 'sooky', he told us.  Sooky?  Yeah, he assured us, it means pouty.

Pouty? Sooky?  I thought about the accent, I thought about how an Australian would say it. And yes, I am fairly certain that 'sooky' is actually spelled 'sulky'!

Although I can totally see Aidan and Matthew's Scottish prep school aide pronouncing it 'sooky' as well.

Last week I had to write a note to Aidan's speech therapist asking her if she really thought he had a problem pronouncing his "o's" - as in dog and hog - because we found him quite clear and were wondering if it might just be an American accent.  Pronounce 'dog' the way a person who might pronounce 'sulky' as 'sooky' might and you'll be able to see the confusion!

Andrew still gets a German accent when giving a presentation in front of the class.  Just like his Opa.

And it's been suggested that a few of the Prep kids might be intimidated by me because they think I am famous.  You know, that glamorous Hollywood accent!

Last week Damon noticed the twins were singing in Spanish.  Shakira for 45 minutes on the way to riding on Saturdays.  Each way.

And the twins answer "ling" when I catch them doing something they shouldn't be doing and ask them what it is.  "Ling" is Chinese for 'zero' but I'll take it.

Am I raising my kids bilingually?  Heck - they're trilingual in ENGLISH alone!

And they are bright enough to ignore me in just about any language I throw at them!

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