Monday, August 22, 2011

What the BOX?!

I've been writing.  Honestly.  I just don't have the energy to fight with our old desktop and post the pictures. 

So here's a quickie.  Just to let folks know all is well.  Except for with our old computer.  (I firmly believe all the kids' games Ryan and Andrew find on the internet have done it in for good.)

Aidan blogging on Mom's netbook.

Yesterday Ryan met up with the rest of us after school carrying a large empty box.  For her stuffed guinea pig. 

That, of course, reminded Aidan that HE too had a box stashed somewhere in his Prep classroom.  He and Matthew came out dragging a box bigger than the two of them.

Proud box hunters

Oh yay.  Just what we need in a house I am continually trying to DECLUTTER!

Is it too much to ask that other families recycle their recyclables at THEIR homes and not at mine?!!
(April's blog on Recycling in Prep School!)
Sigh.  Aidan now has an announcer's booth - slash- drum set and Ryan's guinea pig has the largest room in the house, in relation to body size.

Rock star with stick guitar.

At least I got a cool blog title out of the deal!

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