Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Day At Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary - Photos

We're on Spring Holidays for two weeks.

This is how we spent September 21st.

Posing for Mommy's blog!

LOVE those koalas
Rainbow lorikeet
Eating oatmeal?
The Germany Bird!  (Known to everyone else in Australia but us as the bush turkey.)
The prettiest bird in Australia.
Andrew gets in on the lorikeet feeding action.
Although holding chicks is just as much fun!
Mommy wants that picture for her "Sheep versus Brumby" essay!

Aussie cowboy and his dog
Let me at those kids!

Shearing the sheep.  (So that Matthew can practice his 'sh's.)

ALL MINE!  (My friend Zianda, her son Oliver and my four.  Could all be mine though, couldn't they?!)

Hey!  How'd I end up with the baby?!

Mommy FINALLY gets to see a WOMBAT!

The usual view of a wombat.  (If any.)
IN THE OPEN!  Must be breeding season.
Australia's Next Top Model

The Fam with Kanga

Posing with Daddy.  (Doesn't Daddy look a lot like Rafiki?!)

Matthew coaxes a kangaroo to bother standing.

Aidan too.  Look - they can STAND on those hind legs!


Supposedly these animals hop.  Saw it on the Animal Channel once!
Isn't a day at Lone Pine without a picture of a koala!

The End!

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