Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ryan's Horses

Just as I was beginning to wonder about Ryan again - she had an oral test at riding that made me question her ability to synthesize and express information - her teacher and vice principal met with me to assure me how well she is doing in school.  (Quarterly student evaluations - there's a concept!)  She scored in the top of her class on the national exams - at par or ahead of other Australian children nationwide.  And, although she isn't as quick or perceptive as some of the other top students in her class (and does seem to have some trouble processing information), she is in the top groups (another nice concept, small teaching groups focused on the needs of students at different learning levels within a classroom) because she tries so hard and is so responsible and efficient about getting the work done.

It's not snazzy.  But she's the one who pulls out the notebook and gets it done.

She may not dazzle but she has a steadiness and maturity about her that her teachers sense and appreciate. 

So that the parent - teacher conferences are really more about treating the parent!

"She's a lovely child." they tell me.

What a nice change from "not everyone can go to gymnasium, Frau Connor."

I'm still learning to accept that she isn't an avid reader.  I still wonder what she could have done if she had had the benefit of the same fantastic program that the twins are in now.  But, thanks to her teachers, I AM appreciating what she DOES have - a steadiness, self-worth and a real sense of who she is.

Parenting Ryan makes me a better person.  If it doesn't kill me first!

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