Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twitter Two: Heathrow

We're paying 14 Euro cents a minute for connection - and the boys are running wild through the perfume section - so this will have to be brief.

We are here.  Flying with two four year old boys is less of a challenge only when I compare it to flying with two two year old boys.  It's all in the perspective.

LOVE Heathrow.  The weather, as the pilot told us in typical understated British, is reasonable.  Which the kids took to mean that the sun would be out.  Yeah right.  We arrived at 5 PM local time and thought it was nighttime.  But it is 16 C and warm.

Not everyone can live in Australia, I told the kids, and actually drew smiles from other passengers.

Oops - forgot they speak English around here.  Kind of.

Have picked up another child.  Klaus, who has been entertaining the boys since flying with us from Stuttgart.  He is fortunate enough to have an earlier flight to Singapore but has spent the last few hours with us.  Refreshing his English with the twins over fart jokes at TGI Fridays.  I'm actually hoping HE didn't understand them!

Misunderstandings galore already.  Like the funny look the waitress threw me when I ordered a round of water.  What?  And a side salad.  Until Damon reminded me the water is free and the tips are based on the bill.  Oh.

But what if you only want a side salad and water?  Am I allowed to pay for the water to make her feel better about serving it to me?

Oh dear.  I feel I may have been out of the real world for too long after all.

On to Singapore.  Hope to be able to connect with you all there!

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  1. Hope you have a good trip. Heard about the Airbus mishap in Singapore and was praying you weren't aboard that flight.
    Looking forward to hearing all about the landing!