Monday, November 22, 2010

Kangaroos, Connors and a Germany Bird

 Once we found the kangaroo enclosure we knew we'd arrived in Australia. 

Matthew settles right in with Mama Koala.
As long as she doesn't have to get up!

From one Aussie to another, ay mate?!

Yay me!

The bird known in Australia as a scrub turkey. 
Immediately christened THE GERMANY BIRD by the twins!


Matthew too!

What are these two up to?

A boy and his kangaroo.

Shade break.

Right back at ya, mate!

Sleepy time.

Bounce, bounce.  Maybe later.


Hey!  There's one for each of us!

In duo.

Happy Matthew.

Mommy's happy too.


Two more members.

Beauty and the Kangaroo.

Upright for the camera.

Looks like Andrew has found his soulmates.

Farewell from the locals.

Lizard-lemur apathy.

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