Monday, November 22, 2010

Koala Photos

We spent last Saturday, November 12, at the nearby Alma Park Zoo.  We'd been in Australia a week and it was high time to get a closer look at the koalas.

We also got to pet the kangaroos but bear with me.  Koalas make very good subjects.  (Loosely translated to mean they hold very still for pictures!)

Why wait for the bus when it's only a two kilometer walk from the train station?!

Now THIS is more like it!  (Entrance to the zoo.)

Aidan is a good lizard spotter.  These are just the local wildlife.
Daddy is awfully impressed with the peacocks.  Mommy reminds him that we have those in the USA too and in Germany.  (They originally come from India.)  Although Mommy has to admit even the peacocks are more laid back than usual in Australia!

Australia has made him a new man.
Matthew finds the courage to feed a llama.
(Note the Germany hat!)

Aidan's turn to feed a llama.

If you could just hold still for a photo, please.


OOOOHHHHH!  Look!  He opened an eye!

The kids immediately christened this one 'yoga pose.'

Am I really this cute when I do yoga?

Koala and proud.

Because I'm so darn cute, that's why.

AWWWW!  Or did we already have that caption?

Do you really think we'll get to pet a koala?
(Aidan already contemplating his koala impersonation!)
I had a stuffed animal that moved faster than this!

Pardon me, but I'm looking for the ladies'!


Emus come from Australia.
But this is a rhea.
Looks like she's adapting just fine to the culture though!

Still lookin'good.

And noble.

And just down-right cuddly.

When you're this good lookin'......

you don't HAVE to move!

Damon is still taking pictures of the PEACOCKS!  Sigh.

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  1. I'm comin' over!!!
    It sounds like things are going well there. THAT'S GREAT!
    Take care and keep writing!