Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I haven't managed to blog about Andrew's last two poems, or about Ryan's great essay comparing "Man From Snowy River" and "The Silver Brumby" yet, but my Home School Assessment for Ryan is due on July 10, so it will be typed up sometime after that.  After the move, the soccer try-outs, the engineering assessment, two birthdays and a medieval re-enactment.  I expect to surface again sometime at the end of July!  But I promise, I am going to try to ENJOY this time too.  It is busy but every day is a blessing. Shiva pushes, but he rewards as well! 

Andrew and I edited some of his poems to enter them into a SLAM poetry competition at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane where he, Ryan and a friend of ours are going to take part in a poetry seminar on July 29.  The poems had to be 160 characters or less in length, so we really had to cut.  It took out a lot of his fluff and made them stronger.  We even sliced two poems and combined their strongest bits to make a new one. 

Sigh.  Sometimes I wonder if I am home schooling the right kid!

Poems by Andrew Connor Age 11/ Year 6 Home Schooling Group

(Untitled: from a larger poem called “Love and Hate”)

Make racism, hatred and war

Stay in it's own space.

Let people choose that path;

They cannot change their fate.

Keep to your own side;

Make the world great.

(Lower right.  Only boy in that section!)

Love Not Hate

Crush bones of evil

The Devil chose his fate

Hell drowns in rivers

Full of love from a lake

We live together

Forget about fate

We're here to love

Not to hate

Andrew's sense of humour!

Principle of Nature

A song of no pence

World full of cries

4 & 8 billion

Left to die

A principle of nature

No living creature can deny

Survival of the fittest

Everything must die

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