Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happiness by Andrew

I think this one sounds like a rock song!

Sing a song of no pence,
A world full of cries,
4 and 296,400
People left to die.
No hope, no laughter,
Just despair, loss, groaning.
But wait, an Eagle of Hope!
Many people have awaited that moment to come.
Some have died,
Sacrificed their lives;
Now show the world some love.
I personally love that the 4 and 296,400 has absolutely no significance whatsoever.  (I know.  I asked!)
And no, Nicole, I'm not worried.  His latest cartoon shows his dad shooting one of his brothers - not sure which twin - out of a cannon for not staying quiet!  Unless someone tells me this isn't what other eleven year old boys think about, I'm just going to attribute it all to the male mind! 

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