Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travelling With Kids: Vomit Stories

Had dinner with new friends across the street last week. They told us about their Christmas trip to England. England was lovely. The ferry wasn't bad. They survived the seven hour drive north, plus the seven hour delay waiting for the ferry. (It was snowing and Chunnel workers were on strike.)

On the way back one of the kids got sick in the car. Followed a short while later by another one.

"When we got here," Omar concluded. "We thought we were going to travel all over Europe. Now I don't even want to get in the car with them anymore."

I'll see your two vomiting kids in the Netherlands and raise you a vomiting two-year old on the way to Belgium. On me. Three times. After a three hour traffic delay. And a large amount of chocolate cake.

The stomach flu to Florida story is legend among our playgroup by now. Which means I get to hear everytime someone else does a repeat performance, on the way to South Africa for example.

There are plenty of travel commentaries on how to travel with kids; what to pack, sites to see, activities to entertain.

All of which you can skip when one - or more - of your kids is losing his travel meal all over you.

What to pack? A sense of humor. Sites to see? The stewardess reaching for a vomit bag as she watches Matthew vomit all over me upon landing.

Seeing Europe is highly overrated anyway, Omar. The kids can vomit just as well in a beer garden here in Germany!

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