Saturday, May 7, 2016

On Baptism and Mothers' Day 2016

So, I took the plunge last Sunday.  Literally.  No little plastic blow-up pool for me.  I was baptised in a swimming pool in Dayboro, with about 100 friends looking on from the balcony.  The most intimidating part - having come to grips with the fact that it was okay for me to get baptised even though I am not a perfect Christian, or a worthy person - was having to wear a bathing suit and shorts in front of so many people I know.

Seth went first.  His testimony: I am ready.  Age 12.  How do you follow that?!

With humility and a sense of humour.  And knowing that every one of those 100 people- who did not HAVE to drive over after church but WANTED to! - was there for us, not to judge us.

I said that I was coming to accept that it wasn't about being worthy or being good enough, but about WANTING to follow Jesus.

And since then - not only have my sinuses cleared up (the Holy Spirit has always worked through my nose!  When it runs and I cry, it is a clear sign that the Spirit has descended!  God Bless the person who handed me a tissue last time - like a gift from the heavens!)...but I am feeling worthier by the minute!

Or maybe just happier.

I'll take either one.

Geoff said he should have done this ages ago.  (Sorry, Geoff, I only pushed you out of the way because I assumed you HAD done it ages ago!)  and Kelly said she hungered for more.

Me - I'm Charlie in the Chocolate factory compared to these spiritual giants.  Just happy to be here.

The first service at Dayboro Church that we attended - and everyone is going to  be so sick of hearing this but I will repeat it anyway over and over and over! - Gary talked about opening our spiritual gifts.

Me?  I hadn't even been open to RECEIVING them yet!  But I am receiving them now.  It is incredible to be in an environment where I am encouraged and supported like a child.  Not told that my ideas are flighty or do-gooder or too hippy or that I am not exhibiting appropriate adult-like gravity.  An environment where people see my intelligence and ability in spite of my child - like enthusiasm and vivacity.  Where people not only accept but seem to like who I am.  Who I ACTUALLY AM.  Not who I have been told I should be by the rest of society.

(Look, I still have issues with its stance on gay/lesbian.  As I write the above paragraph, I cringe because I know that a gay person should feel that exact same unconditional love.  My church would love you as a person but, yeah, it is still a conservative church in spite of the speaking-in-tongues and laying on of hands.  Yoga is also out.  So, yeah.  I have chosen to be baptised in spite of these misgivings - or maybe because of them - because I see a good people genuinely doing the best they can.  We can only bring about better things through love.)

Okay - THAT didn't belong there!

Maybe I have to stop feeling guilty for being Christian!

Mothers' Day 2016.  I watched the young mother in front of me pick up the biscuits her one year old was rolling all over the floor.  I separated my 10 year old twin boys by standing between them - with one hand firmly on each arm.  I sweated through worship dancing with my 41/2 year old in my arms - while keeping the twins away from each other.

I went into the mens' room after them after they had been in there more than the allotted time.  (Do you have any idea what damage three boys can do with a sink and some water?!)

As we listened to a beautiful song about Mary, the mother of Jesus - did she know that the child she delivered would deliver the world and give sight to the blind, that sort of thing - I made sure that MY four 1/2 year old son wasn't pulling his penis out of his pants.

Which led to thoughts on what inappropriate things Jesus was doing as a four year old boy and how exasperated and embarrassed Mary would have been.

Oh Lord!  The thoughts I am having in church.

Too late! No backsies - I've been dunked.

And I'm part of a family who loves me no matter what.

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