Monday, February 3, 2014


And this is what has happened to me on Monday morning.  In the dentist's office.  After being informed that my 11 year old has lost his permanent incisor permanently in a scooter accident at the skateboard park. 

And the cost of repair. 

With Damon starting a new job next week.

With a three month internship that pays next to nothing.

And a horse that needs a trailer.

And a trailer that would need a truck to pull it.

And Matthew wants piano lessons.

And a piano.

Soccer season started.

And dance.

Four kids dance.

Well, five really, but nobody is charging Ian to join in.


Then I had to pick up Aidan from school with a belly ache. 

Matthew's eye swelled up later in the afternoon.

The only thing worse than realising you have all the symptoms of high-functioning autism and that you are having a meltdown is that the universe doesn't stop throwing shit at you once you DO meltdown.

Although...Catherine.  Thanks.  Fiona.  Renee.  Dee. 

Shit.  I have friends who love me anyway.

I can melt.  And they will catch me.  Thanks again.

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